Spray Velvet - Cocoa Butter Spray with Velvet Effect (400 ml)
Lesepidado (Italy)

Spray Velvet - Cocoa Butter Spray with Velvet Effect (400 ml)

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Spray Butter Velvet by Lesepidado is the cocoa butter spray with velvet effect specially developed to give an elegant velvet look to the surface of chilled desserts. Ideal for creations of great visual impact, it is recommended for all creative confectionery, artisanal or semi-industrial. Perfect for cake designers’ and eclectic pastry-chefs’ creations. 

Ideal for chilled desserts such as ice cream, ice cream cakes or semifreddo’s, this spray with velvet effect has been developed to give a touch of class to your creations. The practicality of the spray makes it extremely effective and easy to use.

Spray Butter Velvet has been realized to be used exclusively on cold surfaces such as ice cream cakes, semifreddo’s, mousse, and ice creams. The effect is not visible on non-cold products.

The cocoa butter spray with velvet effect is suitable for application on polycarbonate moulds before pouring the chocolate. 

As the complete Lesepidado range of products, Spray Butter Velvet has been developed and manufactured in a BRC and IFS certified facility, where no raw materials containing gluten are used. 

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