Tintoretto Coconut Filling
Callebaut (Belgium)

Tintoretto Coconut Filling

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Ready for your flavours and textures.
Tintoretto Coconut is your ready-to-use filling with a tropical coconut taste that's open to your personal signature. It will entice your customers with its creamy white colour and incredibly smooth mouthfeel that immediately melts in the mouth.
Tintoretto Coconut makes for a wonderful base to create your customised fillings with long shelf life. Mixing it with textures like ground coffee, cocoa nibs, pailleté feuilletine, bresilienne or freeze-dried fruits turns your Tintoretto filling into an exciting praline centre that enhances the taste sensation. Crunchy textures remain fresh and crispy for long when mixed into Tintoretto thanks to its unique recipe and composition. Chocolates or chocolate bars filled with Tintoretto have a long shelf life. 
Tintoretto Coconut has a semi-soft texture that can easily be cut into small centres for dipping or enrobing. By mixing, softening and aerating it in the cutter, you'll create a light filling that can be piped into moulded chocolate shells.
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Description - White filling for chocolates with smooth, creamy mouthfeel and coconut flavour.

How To Use - Texturise to the taste.

Main Features - Ready-to-use base for fillings with long shelf life.

Texture - Smooth

Color - Creamy white

Composition - 40.5%FAT


CONFECTIONERY: Cream & butter fillingLong shelf life chocolatesTruffles Filling



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