Chef Made (China)

CHEFMADE® is a baking brand owned by a leading manufacturer from China contributing cookware globally., CHEFMADE has subsidiary companies in British Virgin Islands, Australia and Hong Kong, carrying an annual turnover of 3 million pieces of bakeware around the world, especially in Europe and America. In 2014, Chefmade had made its appearance in China to serve the Asia countries better , with prompt service.

CHEFMADE® kitchenware are of high quality and premium Non-stick bakewares, they have Non-stick muffin trays, Non-stick bread loaf pans, Non-stick donut pans, Non-stick cakes pan, Non-stick Hot Dog pans, some trays comes with different shapes and designs.
They have built the reputation and accredited the customers’ confidence in their design, quality, price and delivery. Stable relationships have been established between CHEFMADE and customers all over the world.