Lesepidado (Italy)

Lesepidado srl was born in 1999 with the idea of using ink jet printing systems to print on food. Since then, constant growth has led to the development of two company souls. The first is based on the formulation and marketing of products for the pastry decoration and for the food world in general. From dyes to sprays, from jellies to modelling pastes, everything that makes food pleasant even at sight.

The second division of the company is specialized in the development of printing and decorating systems for food products. Lesepidado creates the most suitable printing or decorating system for the application requested by any kind of customers, from small laboratories to large industries. The internal formulation of inks and media makes the developed systems complete and versatile. The wide range and high quality of products, the versatility of the applications and the qualified customer service make Lesepidado a synonym of food decoration all over the world.