Banana Cake Mix - Eggfree (1 kg)
Swiss Bake (India)

Banana Cake Mix - Eggfree (1 kg)

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Traditional banana cake is loved by all for its amazing taste and flavour. With SwissBake® Egg Free Banana Cake Mix, we have created a unique product that has excellent taste, flavour and mouthfeel while maintaining good volume and texture and a simple recipe that allows for quick production in a commercial setup.

This product is made with real banana flour that adds to the taste and texture of the product. It is a completely egg-free product made to ensure softness and moistness while offering great stability for layering.

Designed for use in all kind of food service establishments including professional and commercial bakeries, café, chains and star hotels.


Banana Flour, Refined wheat flour, Milk Solids


Ingredients Quantity (gm) Quantity (%)
EGG FREE BANANA CAKE MIX-V13035 1000 gm 100%
WATER 550 gm 55.00%
VEGETABLE OIL 200 gm 20%

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