Red Velvet Cake Mix (5 kgs)
Red Velvet Cake Mix (5 kgs)
Swiss Bake (India)

Red Velvet Cake Mix (5 kgs)

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Red Velvet Cake Mix is a complete mix for making exquisite red velvet sponge cakes, giving you consistent results every time!

SwissBake® Red Velvet Cake Mix is a complete mix to prepare naturally colored red velvet cakes made up with real beetroot powder. Using this special mix you can produce layer cakes, bar cakes and cup cakes for any occasion. These cakes go well with your favourite cream cheese fillings or white chocolates.

A well-researched mix that uses superior quality ingredients, you will now be able to bake soft, moist and delectable red velvet cakes with a heavenly cheesy flavour, all this using minimal efforts. A mix created with convenience and versatility at its core, you can use the same mix for baking cupcakes, layered cakes and other pastry delights.


Cocoa Solids, Cheese powder, Vegetable powder


Ingredients Quantity (gm) Quantity (%)
RED VELVET CAKE MIX-C13050 1000 gm 100%
FRESH EGGS 350 gm 35%
WATER 225 gm 22.50%

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