Choco Sticks - Bakestable (1.6 kgs)
Callebaut (Belgium)

Choco Sticks - Bakestable (1.6 kgs)

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Made from all organic ingredients.
Looking for a perfect match for your all-organic bakes and rolls? With Callebaut® organic dark chocolate baking sticks you're on a roll. They're made of organic cocoa beans and cane sugar and low in cocoa butter to resist oven temperatures up to 200°C.
Simply roll or wrap them in the dough and bake. They'll melt without burning and after cooling they'll slightly harden again and add a lovely snap and intense, bittersweet chocolate taste to your pains au chocolat, Danish pastries and artisan bakes.

Size - 9-13mm

Approx: 300 sticks per box
  • MIN. COCOA 44.4 %
    COCOA BUTTER 26.4 % 
  •  MIN. MILK 0 %
  • FAT 26.5 % 
    COCOA BUTTER 26.4% 

    Store in a cool and dry place between +12°C +20°C

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