Croissant Concentrate Crossy Freeze (5 kgs)
Croissant Concentrate Crossy Freeze (5 kgs)
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Croissant Concentrate Crossy Freeze (5 kgs)

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Crossy Freeze is a low dosage improver specially designed for use in all kinds of frozen laminated doughs. It improves the stability of dough when frozen and allows for better end product properties. It imparts high freezing and thaw tolerance to the dough. Improves lamination by giving good flakiness to the laminated products like croissant and Danish pastries. Improves the volume of the products post freezing and thawing. It also enhances the taste profile of the products by adding a malty flavour profile to the product.


Malted barley flour, Cereal Amylase, Enzyme blend


Simply add 2% of Crossy freeze to the flour while preparing the dough and follow your standard baking process for laminated doughs. No need of any special change in the baking method or process.

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