Single Origin Chocolate - Ecuador (2.5 kgs)
Callebaut (Belgium)

Single Origin Chocolate - Ecuador (2.5 kgs)

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Made with fine flavour cocoa from the cocoa cradle in Latin America.
Today Ecuador has grown into the hotbed for exciting cocoa varieties and flavours. Ecuadorian farmers invest a lot in new cultivation, fermentation and drying techniques - yielding cocoa beans with amazing sensory properties.
This dark chocolate tastes very round, and brings you intense cocoa flavours with deep roasted hints, lots of fruity and acidic flavours. Hints of rum, whisky and tobacco give this chocolate a very indulgent, round and balanced character.
Ecuador is also open to plenty of exciting pairing possibilities: exotic fruits, acidic fruits, coffees and vinegars are only a few of the options.
This dark chocolate is great to savour as such, but can also be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from ganache to mousse, crémeux or sauces.


  • 70.4% MIN. COCOA
    41.4% COCOA BUTTER
  • % MIN. MILK 

  • 41.4% FAT
    41.4% COCOA BUTTER

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