Edamame Young Soybean (500gms x 2)
Edamame Young Soybean (500gms x 2)
Edamame Young Soybean (500gms x 2)
Edamame Young Soybean (500gms x 2)
Edamame Young Soybean (500gms x 2)
Yachi (Serbia)

Edamame Young Soybean (500gms x 2)

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 Edamame are young soybeans, harvested before they ripen or harden. People often eat them steamed or boiled in their green shell.

1. Rich in vitamins and minerals
2. It reduces cholesterol
3. May promote healthy blood sugar regulation
4. High in protein
5. Reduce the risk of breast cancer in some populations.
6. May reduce menopausal symptoms
7. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
8. Might reduce bone loss

Boiled Frozen Edamame Yachi edamame is packed with plant-based protein, fiber, and the power of soy. Hand-picked, IQF, and sealed in freshness. A delicious addition to soups, salad, or stir fry, this little green gem nourishes your soul. Edamame can be served hot or cold.

Heating Instructions: No Need to defrost Edamame before heating.

Direction: Remove contents from the bag and heat in microwave safe utensil for 3 minutes or untill desired temperature has been reached. It can be also steamed for a short time to enjoy the fresh taste of healthy edamame.

Ingredients: Edamame (Soybeans)

Allergens: Contains Soy.

Country of origin: Serbia

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