Extra Dry Butter 84% FAT (1 kg)
Elle & Vire (France)

Extra Dry Butter 84% FAT (1 kg)

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Authentic taste and excellent dough plasticity … Made using traditional methods, the Extra Dry Butter (84% fat) is ideal for making Viennese pastries and puff pastry.

Made from carefully selected creams, Elle & Vire Professionnel Extra Dry Butter (84% fat) lends a delicious, buttery flavour to your puff pastry. Its high fat content adds a melt-in-the-mouth quality to your puff pastry. Offering high performance, the Extra Dry Butter (84% fat) is particularly easy to work. Its high melting point makes it is extremely heat resistant

Extra Dry Butter 84% fat content.
Pasteurised cream (manufactured from cow milk), lactic ferments. Milk fat 84%, moisture max. 14.6% and milk solid non fat max. 1.8%.
No colour or additive.

Keep refrigerated at +2°C +8°C (+46,4°F) max.

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