Gianduja - GIA
Callebaut (Belgium)

Gianduja - GIA

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Mix of 75% milk chocolate and 25% hazelnuts.
Gianduja Pale is a smooth and creamy mix of Callebaut®'s milk chocolate and a pure medium roasted hazelnut paste. The cream is mixed, conched and tempered by our Master Concher to create a lovely balanced taste, and a smooth, creamy and homogeneous texture for great mouthfeel.
Gianduja Pale comes a semi-solid crème that can easily be cut into confectionery delights or enrobed with chocolate.
After softening, it can even be piped into moulded pralines, shells or chocolate bars and tablets. After melting, it becomes a perfect base for flavouring ice cream and pastry interiors such as mousse, bavarois and crémeux. Gianduja also works wonders in flavouring desserts such as sabayon, mœlleux, etc. 

Description - Creamy mixture of milk chocolate and medium roasted hazelnut paste.

How To Use - Cut into confectionery delights or soften/melt for flavouring.

Main Features - Semi-solid crème - easy to cut.

Texture - Creamy

Color - Pale Golden

Composition - 

  • 30.2%SUGAR

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