Gyoza Skin (300 gms)
TJY (Singapore)

Gyoza Skin (300 gms)

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  • Everybody loves dim sum! Manufactured in Singapore, Gyoza Skin is the perfect solution to have high quality, freshly made, healthy and delectable dim sum/momos while saving time and avoiding the vices of outside food.
  • May it be a party, a small gathering or just a lavish dinner, these sheets provide for a simple and convenient way to experiment with your culinary skills. Peel, stuff, roll, steam and then simply relish.
  • Gyoza skin or dumpling sheets are round, whitish dough sheets made from wheat flour, salt and water. Gyoza sheets become slightly translucent and slippery after cooking.
  • To make Japanese dumpling "gyoza", it is usually filled with meat and vegetables.
  • storage: Keep frozen. Once defrosted, keep chilled and consume within 1 day

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