Spray Pearl - Pearled Food Color Spray (400 ml)
Lesepidado (Italy)

Spray Pearl - Pearled Food Color Spray (400 ml)

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Spray with pearl effect, ideal to decorate creams and chocolate cakes, pastry products like biscuits, wafers and sugar paste covered cakes.
Shake well before and while using and spray the food surface with the product from a distance of 20-25 cm.

The application of this pearled colour spray is easy and immediate, its handy spray dispenser makes it effective on any kind of surface, both of baking products and of chilled confectionery: from biscuits to cakes, from whipped cream to any other kind of cream. 

Developed both for artisanal and for industrial patisserie, Spray Pearl is  an unmissable tool for cake designers as well.

As the complete Lesepidado range of products, Spray Pearl has been developed and manufactured in a BRC and IFS certified facility, where no raw materials containing gluten are used. 



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