18" Disposable Piping Bag M (100pcs/box)
One Way

18" Disposable Piping Bag M (100pcs/box)

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Dimensions: 18 inch 46 X 26 cm

One Way Masterline is transparent for good visibility and colored for HACCP guidelines. The best of 2 worlds.

The contemporary professional bakery and kitchen works systematically. So, the moment a product is made is not always the moment it is used, and the person filling the piping bag is not always the one preparing the dish or the pastry.

Transparent bags make a product clearly visible and warn you for possible air pockets, but coloured bags are more compliant with HACCP guidelines. That is why One Way developed the Masterline, the transparent piping bag with a coloured tip: the best of both worlds.


The special ‘soft touch’ grip places the Masterline at a whole new level in the professional kitchen.

The unique production process is patented worldwide. The extremely flexible and slip-resistant multi-layered film ensures that both chef and baker can perform effortlessly at the highest level for hours on end. The extra reinforced intermediate layer makes the Masterline suitable for usage under high pressure and with powerful hands. The Masterline guarantees efficiency in the kitchen and maximum food safety. This premium disposable piping bag separates from its roll in a sturdy and sterile way and provides a firm grip.

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