Red Velvet Brownie Mix (5 kgs)
Red Velvet Brownie Mix (5 kgs)
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Red Velvet Brownie Mix (5 kgs)

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 Red Velvet Brownie Mix - Veg is a complete mix to prepare deliciously dark, dense and fudgy red velvet brownies. The Blissful red velvet colour & unique cheesy taste is derived from natural beetroot and parmesan cheese powder making these completely naturally coloured and flavoured red velvet brownies. A unique variation from traditional chocolate brownies, Red velvet brownies are best complemented with cream cheese frosting or vanilla ice cream. The combination of cheesy mouthfeel and dense brownie texture will make this an enjoyable experience for consumers. This mix can be made using a quick and convenient recipe and is best suited for professional, commercial and industrial bakers looking to delight their customers by preparing delicious eggless red velvet brownies.


Sugar, Wheat Flour, Cocoa Solids, Edible Starch, Raising Agents , Salt, Natural Identical Flavorings.


RED VELVET BROWNIE MIX - VEG-V13390 1000 gm 100%
WATER (APPROX) 300 gm 30%
SUNFLOWER OIL 240 gm 24%

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