Red Velvet Waffle Mix (1 kgs)
Red Velvet Waffle Mix (1 kgs)
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Red Velvet Waffle Mix (1 kgs)

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Red Velvet Waffle Mix is a complete and instant waffle mixture brings you the characteristic deep burgundy-red colour and a delightful cheesy taste that red velvet waffles are known for!
It is an ideal solution for waffle & dessert shops, breakfast/brunch/dessert menus at restaurants, 5-star hotels, quick-service restaurants, all-day diners & cafés that seek quality service with a consistent turnover in every plate of waffle served! 
This complete waffle mix is a result of our special formulation using premium natural ingredients. Real vegetable powders are incorporated for natural colouring, while parmesan cheese powder imparts an authentic cheesy taste. Our instant waffle mixture simplifies the process of waffle making- just combine with water and preheat your waffle iron to 200°C. Achieve the perfect outcome by baking your waffles at temperatures ranging from 190°C to 210°C. 


Wheat Flour, Sugar, Milk Solids, Cheese Powder & Vegetable Powders


RED VELVET WAFFLE MIX - VEG-V13310 1000 gm 100%
WATER 850 gm 85%

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