Sour Dough Starter - AromaTic (1 kg)
Sour Dough Starter - AromaTic (1 kg)
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Sour Dough Starter - AromaTic (1 kg)

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Aroma-tic is an active sourdough starter based on sourdough blends and makes an ideal base for preparing fine naturally aromatic bread specialties. It imparts great taste and texture to your breads. The secret of this perfect taste profile lies in the unique 3-step fermentation process used in making our sourdough.


Dehydrated Sourdough, Active Yeast, Vitamin C, Blend of Natural Enzymes


Recipe for AROMATIC French Baguettes

AROMATIC|Active sourdough-B12605 40 gm 4%
FRENCH STYLE T55 1000 gm 100%
SALT 20 gm 2%
WATER 700 gm 70%

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