Sourteig 25 - Sourdough Premix (5 kgs)
Sourteig 25 - Sourdough Premix (5 kgs)
Swiss Bake (India)

Sourteig 25 - Sourdough Premix (5 kgs)

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SOURTIEG 25 is a carefully formulated premix to prepare traditional sourdough bread. Preparing the sourdough bread from scratch is a lengthy and critical process which first starts with the development of the sourdough culture. Getting consistent quality output in this process is rare as there are many variable factors that need to be managed such as temperature, feeding time and frequency of feeding the sourdough starter making this a difficult task for a commercial bakers.

Understanding the complexity in making a good sourdough bread and the growing demand for traditional products made from natural, clean label ingredients, we have developed this special premix which is an excellent solution for baking authentic sourdough breads with consistent quality, taste and output. A blend of natural rye and wheat sourdough is used to give this bread an authentic sour aroma with a unique thin crispy crust and a soft tangy crumb.

SwissBake® Sourdough Bread Premix allows you to bake fresh, tasty & healthy sour dough bread easily and quickly thus increasing your productivity and helping you to expand the possibilities of baked products in your offering. This premix is ideally suited to premium bakeries, artisan bakers, cafes, fine dining & star hotels who are looking to offer traditional sourdough bread to their customers


Dehydrated Rye Sour Dough, Dehydrated Wheat Sour Dough, Vital Wheat Gluten, Wheat Flour, Malted Barley, Salt, Vitamin C, Vegetable Sourced Enzyme Blend.


SOURTEIG 25 -B12550 250 gm 25%
WATER 570 gm 57.00%
FRESH YEAST/DRY YEAST 35 gm/14 gm 30%/1.20%

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