Toffee Caramel Cake Mix - Eggfree (1 kg)
Toffee Caramel Cake Mix - Eggfree (1 kg)
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Toffee Caramel Cake Mix - Eggfree (1 kg)

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 Toffee Caramel Cake is a unique base variant for preparation of delightful golden-brown coloured and natural caramel and toffee flavoured sponges and cakes. It is made using natural caramel and malted barley flour that imparts amazing taste and mouthfeel to the cake. Makes cakes with nice velvety texture and good stability necessary for preparing layered cakes.

Professional and commercial pastry chefs can use their creativity to prepare a whole new range of innovative confectionery products using Toffee Caramel Cake as their base. This product is highly recommended for professional, commercial and industrial bakers preparing innovative desserts and pastries to delight their customers.

Key Features
  •  Made with real Caramel
  •  Appealing Toffee flavour
  •  Reliable production output


Refined Wheat Flour, Milk Solids, Caramel, Malted barley Flour


Ingredients Quantity (gm) Quantity (%)
EF TOFFEE CARAMEL CAKE MIX-V13275 1000 gm 100%
WATER 550 gm 55.00%
VEGETABLE OIL 100 gm 10%

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