Waffle Cone Mix - Vanilla (1 kg)
Waffle Cone Mix - Vanilla (1 kg)
Swiss Bake (India)

Waffle Cone Mix - Vanilla (1 kg)

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A crispy aromatic waffle cone is essential for all the ice cream parlours. Waffle cones make the experience of having an ice-cream more enjoyable for your customers. SwissBake's Waffle Cone Mix - Vanilla produces crispy, perfectly textured vanilla flavoured cones ideal for scoops of ice cream. To prepare just add cold water to the dry mix and mix until smooth. For every 1 kg, Waffle cone mix use 800-900 ml cold water


Wheat flour, Sugar, Vegetable Shortening, Modified Edible Starch, Butter milk, Dextrose, Nature identical flavourings


WAFFLE CONE MIX - VANILLA - V13295 1000 gm 100%
WATER(30°C) 800 - 1000gm 85 - 100%

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