White Icing Paste (7 kgs)
Callebaut (Belgium)

White Icing Paste (7 kgs)

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The flexible icing paste for rolling, folding, shaping, carving and colouring.
With Callebaut®’s White Icing & Decor Paste, you can realise all your amazing ideas: from snow-white dream wedding cakes to colourful and adventurous cupcakes.
This icing has a neutral white colour and neutrally sweet taste with hints of vanilla. With its unique composition, it is naturally whiter and more elastic than many other icing pastes or marzipan – guaranteeing great end results for creative pastry modelling and styling.
White Icing & Decor paste can be used for different applications: covering cakes of any size and shape (thanks to its elasticity), detailed moulding (thanks to its very fine and steady texture) and sculpting fine flowers or decorations. It hardens out quickly, but doesn't dry out while you're working with it .
This icing paste is ready to use after quick softening or kneading. What's more: you can use it at room temperature, so there's no need to work with it in a refrigerated workspace.
You can also customise it to the taste: mix it with colours or flavours and spray it with the spray gun afterwards.


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